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Cryptocurrency investment in 2019

So today we are going to discuss How the investment picture is going to be in 2019 for crypto lover? It has almost a year that whole crypto market keeps going down. No one knows how long we have to wait to see the uptrend but some experts are saying that its most probably the end phase of the downtrend. And we can soon see the uptrend in the market but how many months its going to take no one is sure about that.

And if you look at the graph of last one year you will find that bitcoin has more than 80% correction in its graph which is again a positive sign for hodler.

It is the right time to enter the market?

Well, I won’t recommend people to follow my path but would definitely like them to review the chart history and its trend. But i have decided to accumulate as much coin as I can. In my portfolia i have more than 25 altcoins which i have selected on basis of their team, project, and some other factors. We need to make sure that we are not going to fall in the trap of lucrative returns but to understand their project. how they are going to solve the people problem with blockchain technology. Or how it is going to provide benefits to the masses. Only then we can say that the coin is best to invest. And yes for me it is the right time to invest in the market.

Will it break the all-time high record in the year 2019?

Its difficult to say whether it will cross or it will not but its won’t be surprising if it does. because no one has ever thought that it will ever reach to 20k within a couple of months but it did. Now people are shouting it will touch 50k seems difficult but no one can pretend about bitcoin it all depends when the investors are finding the best opportunity to move the graph up. For me i think it is too early to say that but lets the uptrend come. let the bitcoin gets stable and have positive moments after that we can come to any conclusion about its all-time high.

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