apps that pays through paypal

5 apps that pay you money through PayPal

Earning money in your leisure time just by running on an app is awesome, and if you are one of the users of PayPal like me, then am sure that you will be glad to receive money through it. So, you might have understood what we are talking about today, and yes, it is about some of the apps that end up paying you money through PayPal. I guess you will also be excited to know the apps so, without getting into any other discussions let get started with the article.

  1. Drop app

The first app we will be talking about is probably the drop app. If you have ever heard of this app then this is a very easy to use app that lets you earn money. And this app also brings you money to shop. So, basically when you operate with this app you can earn gift cards from the things you have already bought, and these may be from any of your favorite brands. As shopping is the thing that you would do no matter whatever happens. So, getting a gift card on this could be really good.

  • Nielsen app

This one of the other apps that earns you money on PayPal. And this is basically an app that gets you money for free just for browsing the internet. As soon as you install this app it collects information about your usage habits and some other stuff. You wouldn’t have to do anything. By this, we mean that the app will do its work in the background while you are into your work. If you keep on using the app then it’s obvious for you to earn at least $50 to $100 every year. This app is also completely free to download.

  • Vindale app 

If you are all straight forward and like stuff to be straight forward then this app is that. You won’t have to get your brain aching to do anything on this app. And this awesome app can earn from a few cents to $75. As soon as you sign in to this app it starts collecting some personal information by asking a question, and later on, it gets new surveys to you every day. If you can take time to get done with surveys every day, you can surely make up a lot of money doing nothing.

  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another survey app that can earn you money. when you operate with this app you will not have any hard tasks to complete, the tasks are really very simple. You can also earn money by playing games, shopping etc from this app.

  • Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars is one of the top apps that pay. This app allows you to watch videos on the internet and then you are said to take up a survey regarding it. And that’s it, just watching fun videos as you do daily can get your money in your PayPal. The article is done and hopes you enjoyed it.

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