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Which altcoins can give you the highest returns on your investment

Well usually it depends upon the investors which coin they choose to pump more but if the coin fundamentals are right then no one can stop you to earn profit on them. In past, we have seen that investors have manipulated the market more than the coins actual fundamentals and that is the reason people are in a dilemma where to invest the money.

I always recommend people to go by the coin statistics including the development team, project scope, and its volume. these are the three primary factors which have a huge impact on coin price. so if these three are strong then your investment is 99% safe. it could be possible that it may take more than your expected time but holding your money in such coins will always give you some benefits. there are certain checkpoints that you need to review like to they have any main net launch. is it anyway going to beneficial for the sector for which it has been launched? these small points can help you to make the right decision.

Most profitable altcoins in year 2019

This list is based on my own experience I am not saying they would definitely but yes they have a potential to give good ROI on your investment. As far as i am seeing 10x is something which they can easily achieve.

  1. Stratis
  2. Sia
  3. DGB
  4. Electroneum
  5. Ethereum
  6. Bitcoin cash
  7. zilliqa

There are many but these have really good if you want 10x on your investment. Some coins i have seen to have a potential of 50 to 100x but they higher risk as compare to these coins. I will try to share some good coins in my next article.

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