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7 Potential investments to make in 219

Investing and gaining profit out of the investment sounds so good. It’s like you are making money from the money that you have. However, investment sometimes does not go in your favor. Which means that you have to bear a loss. As they say, investment is indeed a gamble. You never know what is in store for you. But you do not have to put in much (other than your money, of course). You can choose from affordable Internet bundles like the spectrum packages and operate from apps. Keeping a track of your investment is that easy.

Here are some potential investments that you should consider.

Stock Market

The stock market is always a very risky place to invest in. But it is also an option that will earn you a lot, in case the market goes in your favor. If you have kept yourself posted with the twists and turns taking place in the investment market, you’d know that many predict that the market will go down. Experts predict that it will be the beginning of a spiral that will last for years. However, if you want to make a long-term investment, this is the time to invest in the stock market.

Real Estate

Another good option that you can consider this year is real estate. Many experts are of the view that real estate is too in bubbles like the stock market. The prices seem to go up and up. While there is no limit to the extreme that the prices can go to, the fact that people need to live in a home remains. Therefore, even if you make an investment now, the chances of the prices going up are high. And you should not worry about no one purchasing your property from you. Because having a shelter is a necessity. In case, you do not feel comfortable investing in physical real estate, you can opt for Real Estate Investment Trusts.


Exchange-traded funds have gained popularity in the course of the last couple of years. In case you are not aware, ETF is a basket of securities. You can trade these securities exactly like a stock on an exchange. They are similar to mutual funds in nature. Which means that they have numerous holdings just like a mini-portfolio. Each ETF focuses on a specific sector or an asset class. And this is a great time to invest in ETFs. Especially utilities ETFs.

Elderly Care Industry

The elder care industry is surging. This is because of the fact that the world now has a significant amount of old people. According to researches, the number of people who have an age of 60 or above will rise to 2 Billion by the year 2050. This makes it around 22% of the entire global population. Hence, making it a significant number. Under such circumstance, investing in companies that target this age group becomes a lucrative option. Therefore, you should consider investing in industries like retirement living and home healthcare. Remaining in these industries, you can consider investing in pharmaceutical or consumer stocks.

Certificates of Deposit

Banks issue certificates of Deposit. CDs offer a higher interest rate than the savings accounts. They have specific maturity dates. These can range from between weeks and years. This means that you cannot withdraw money during that specific time because CDs are time deposits. However, the financial institution will pay you the due amount of interest at regular intervals. CDs are, in particular, a favorite investment amongst the retirees. Because of their higher payouts as well as the safety that they offer. However, they are not as liquid as the savings accounts. Because you tie up your money until that reaches a maturity date.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

This concept has been around for quite some time now. You can lend money to platforms like Lending Club. These platforms allow you to lend money to individuals just like a bank does. In return, you receive the interest that the individuals pay in. The amount of interest depends on the level of riskiness. Which means that riskier the fund that you choose to invest in, more will be the return. However, as a rough estimate, you can earn up to 6% or more interest on your investment.

Your Career

This might sound a little odd to you, but this is one of the most valuable investments that you can make. Because no matter what happens to the economy. One thing that will remain with you is your qualification and your career. In case, you are confused, you can look for a career that has a promising future. And try to master in that field. Investing in your career will bring to you more returns than any other investment ever will.

You can even choose to freelance and work on a project basis. If you have access to reliable and affordable services like Spectrum Internet package, then this should not be an issue for you. Whatever you may choose, make a wise decision.

Happy Investing.

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