Invest in a Bajaj Finance FD to grow your salary by 51%

Though a salary of Rs.25,000 may seem sufficient to cater to your present needs, it may fall short in the coming years when you have more responsibilities. Combine this with inflation, and you are sure to see why investing regularly is essential. If you’re on the fence, take a look at this table that outlines the increase in inflation.

Year Inflation rate
2018 3.48%
2019 3.88%
2020 4.25%

While this may tempt you to invest in high-risk options like shares and stocks in order to earn better returns, a market slump can result in capital loss. Therefore, investing in safer options like a fixed deposit will help you enjoy a low-risk environment as well as steady, consistent returns. To park your salary in safe hands and earn over 51% return on investment, choose a FD with Bajaj Finance. Here’s how to go about it.

Build an investment amount of Rs.25,000

Your FD returns depend on the investment amount and the FD interest rates applicable for your investor profile. Typically, the higher the deposit amount, the higher are your returns. However, as a salaried individual, accumulating a large corpus in a short time is not an easy task as you have to meet all your monthly expenses too.

To help you invest promptly, Bajaj Finance allows you to start an FD with as little as Rs.25,000. Since the minimum requirement is not a high sum, you can accumulate it in a year or less by saving a nominal amount each month. But simply parking your funds in a savings bank account will not help you grow your funds. The best way to accumulate Rs.25,000 is to invest your monthly savings in a recurring deposit that offers relatively higher returns than savings accounts. For instance, setting aside just Rs.4,250 per month for a 6-month RD, offering 7% interest, will yield Rs.26,026 on maturity.

Start a Bajaj Finance FD to earn 51% returns in 5 years

With Rs.26,026 you are all set to open a fixed deposit with Bajaj Finance and enjoy some of the highest fixed deposit rates in the country. For instance, a fixed deposit of at least 36 months where interest is payable at maturity yields 8.60% interest for a regular investor and 8.95% for a senior citizen. This helps you generate an ROI of 50% on your investment in no time at all.

Also bear in mind that Bajaj Finance offers different interest rates for different investor profiles and tenors. You can find the interest rate that applies to you by using the FD rate Calculator. This tool also helps you ascertain the maturity proceeds that you will receive beforehand, and you can choose the investment amount and tenor depending on your expected returns.

Below are a few examples of fixed deposit ratesfor differing investor profiles and the returns that you can earn through a Bajaj Finance FD in each scenario.

As a new customer, when you deposit Rs.26,026

In this case you are entitled to interest amounting to 8.60% if your tenor is equal to, or greater than 36 months.

Deposit amount (in Rs.) Tenor (in yrs.) Interest (in Rs.) Maturity amount (in Rs.) Return on investment
(in %)
26,026 5 13,289 39,315 51.06%

As a senior citizen, when you deposit Rs.26,026
In this case, you are entitled to interest amounting to 8.95% if your tenor is equal to, or greater than 36 months.

Deposit amount (in Rs.) Tenor (in yrs.) Interest (in Rs.) Maturity amount (in Rs.) Return on investment
(in %)
26,026 5 13,926 39,952 53.51%

Reinvest at an even higher interest rate to maximise returns

On receiving your maturity proceeds after 5 years, it’s a smart move to reinvest the amount as this entitles you to additional interest rate of 0.10%, thereby allowing you to secure a higher yield.

As a regular investor, when you reinvest your maturity proceeds, you get interest amounting to 8.70%.

Deposit amount (in Rs.) Tenor (in yrs.) Interest (in Rs.) Maturity amount (in Rs.) Return on investment
(in %)
39,315 5 21,329 52.80 60,644

Apart from offering excellent FD interest rates in 2019, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits are also credible. An FAAA rating from CRISIL and MAAA rating from ICRA are proof of this. They indicate the highest degree of safety, so you can be sure that you will receive your maturity proceeds on time.

It’s easy to see why you should start investing regularly today to safeguard your savings from inflation. By filling a short form online, you can begin building wealth and live a life without compromises.

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