QuickBooks Error Code 6123 – Learn to Fix it

QuickBooks help to register all transaction reports and data between the other company when you upgrading the company profile to QuickBooks when you open the company file from a network server or restoring and back up the data, you may display the Error code 6123 when your company profile cannot be open then error code 6000 series will be generated if you resolve this error you welcome to our website and get help with Our QuickBooks Support team and resolve your problem.

Now we explain the error code 6123 in which QuickBooks company file cannot be open we give the solution of these errors on our website here we explain the error 6123 read all the steps given below.

What is QuickBooks Error code 6123 and how it is caused

Sometimes users can try to restore the company file from the backup hard disk or open a company file from the multiple networks then displayed on the screen this type of error code.

The QuickBooks Error code 6123 due to:

  • From the external storage device, you can store the company file.
  • To the host server network connection is corrupted.
  • Damaged the QuickBooks company data file.
  • When open the company file between the firewall setting can be interrupted.
  • When you installed the MCa free antivirus on your computer, it can be an interface between the QuickBooks services.
  • It also damaged the QuickBooks Windows.

Steps to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6123:

Here we can explain the steps for resolving the error code when your QuickBooks company file cannot be open you can also dial our QuickBooks support number and contact our expert’s teams. but now you follow all these steps and itself you can solve their problems following are:

Download the QuickBooks file doctor

  • Download the file doctor tools.
  • Then browse the company file.
  • Select and click to check file damage only then click to diagnosis file.
  • Now you can enter the admin password and click Ok.
  • Select the file in the new version oy maybe select the repaired file in the existing version.
  • Follow all the steps displayed on the screen
  • Then click reboot your computer.

Rename yours.TLG and.ND files

  • Open the company file folder.
  • Then select the corresponding. Nd file of your company.
  • Right-click to our company file and get rename.
  • Rename your older.ND file to .ND.OLD.extension.
  • Similar to the ND files also rename the.TLG to.TLG.OLD extension.
  • Then open the QuickBooks company file.

Move the company files from a different location

If you cannot open the company file then you move the file from the different computer location and then used another user network and paste the file from another location then check it can be open or not. It may also be saved in the c drive and copy of another drive.

Use the Features of data recovery

If still, your QuickBooks company file cannot be open then you can use the function of data recovery maybe your data file can be recovered and open your QuickBooks file.and also restore the ADR file into our desktop and check it.

All antivirus program has been disabled

When you install any antivirus program it can be stopped and disabled because this antivirus creates the error and the file cannot be open, once you will disable and then check the status it can be open or not?

Reinstall your QuickBooks

If you faced the problem of company file cannot open then you can uninstall the QuickBooks older version and then install QuickBook’s new version then open your QuickBooks company file.

Create a New Window User

If an older window cannot be open now, you can create the new window user and follow all the instruction terms and conditions to create a new User Account.


If still, you cannot observe the solution of the problem of QuickBooks Error code 6123, then you contact our QuickBooks support number and meet with our QuickBooks team. you taking the advice of our support team and follow all the above steps, you can easily resolve your problem.

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