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5 Social Media Branding Strategies Every Business Must Know

Social media is a powerful platform that not only helps you reach your target audience and connect with them. But it also helps a business build a brand for yourself, content management, social selling, and customer support.

There are numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and various others are in the making. With so many platforms, it becomes difficult for a brand to choose the right platform and represent your brand the way you want.

How do you represent your brand to the public? Are you using the right way? Well, the below tips will help you.

Make sure you select the right social network

A brand you employ a lot of different strategies, still, your business doesn’t fare well in some social media platform. It is not your fault always, there are numerous social media platforms, and various new are on the verge of making their debut. With so many platforms, the audience gets divided into sections, and brands make an account on these accounts to cover their bases.

But the fact is that your business might not perform well on some social media, because your demographic might not be active on it. For instance, if you are a photographer, being on LinkedIn is great, but for more exposure, you have to be Instagram.

Take a look at your demographics, and you can find out which social media platform they are active on most. It will help you choose the right network for your brand.

Make sure your social media has a unique voice

You want to promote your brand and to do that you have to reflect your brand’s personality in your social media posts. For that, you need to develop a voice for your social media platforms.

The way you tweet or post images or upload status is your social voice. How to find that voice? As it is quite difficult and takes time, but these elements will help you.

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The company’s culture: Every company has a culture that defines how you work and what your brand stands for. You can use that culture as the voice of social media posts.

The audience: Your audience is the most important and to connect with them, you can and should speak in a voice that connects with them. It can be the use of references or certain lingo or you can use popular memes if your TA is teens.

Lastly, be authentic with the voice you are using. Don’t pretend to be someone else, otherwise, it will backfire.

Visual Branding is important

Visual branding is crucial for branding. Why? Because if all your social media profiles look different, then how will user connect to it. To ensure that your social media branding is effective, be consistent across multiple channels. It will make sure that people recognize your brand immediately.

Here are some tips on visual branding

Colour palette: Your brand must have a colour scheme, make sure you select the right colour palette that resonates with your brand. Use that same colour palette in your social media. Whether it’s the profile or the posts, make sure they have at least one colour from the palette.

Logo: You must have a profile picture, now to be consistent and create a visual brand, use the same avatar across all mediums. It is better to use your logo for this so that people can easily recognize you.

Use the same filters: If you are using a filter for enhancing your image, make sure you use the same one or two filters. If you use different filters for every image, it will look bad.

Templates: If you have a company looking after your social media, make sure you provide them with a template. It will help the posts look consistent. You can use Canva to create templates for your social media.

Keep posting regularly

You must post regularly. If you are not consistent in your posts, your audience will lose the connection with you. If you are posting once a week, and suddenly you don’t post for two weeks, it will make your audience lose interest in your account.

Also, make sure you post consistently, make a schedule and follow that. You can also take help from scheduling apps, to schedule the posts in advance, it will help you give you time to do other things.

It is important to engage with your audience

If you think social media is only for promoting your brand and posting content, you are using it in the wrong manner. The main purpose of social media marketing is to connect with the audience and make a brand reputation.

To make a community of loyal customers, how you do that? By engaging with your audience, so reply to their comments and use user-generated content to show that you appreciate their support.

Also, it is important to reply to your competitors too, why? Because it is fun and also it exposes you to the audience as well.

To conclude, social media is a powerful tool, don’t use to only to share content, make sure you are building a relationship with your audience and building a brand.

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