Tips to make money as an SEO freelancer

Digital marketing is one of the booming industry which has immense opportunity for youngster to make money only. And as freelancers millions of people across the world are earning good money with this. So if you also belongs to this industry then these tips can help you to make out some decent bucks for your living.

It is difficult for everyone to open an digital marketing company directly. So freelancer could be your initial step towards your entrepreneurship. But this takes time and required lots of connections with seo companies and bloggers.

Here are following tips that can help you to get some money as an SEO Freelancers.

  1. Guest blogger

Guest blogging is very popular technique for link building which most of the biggest companies refer. And since google has made its algorithm strong against PBN blogs. it is one of the most safest technique to build link naturally. All you need to do is approach related sites and ask them article to publish. So if you have clients who need 100 guest post in a month then you can do this task by approaching these sites. And how you can make money is you can add your profit to every guest post and offer to your client. so here you would work as middle man and get comission on every post. And here you dont’ need any investment, website and hosting. So if you make 100 deals and each deals give $5 then you can make $500 a month.

3. Off page link building

Apart from guest blogging there many other techniques through which link can be build up. Blogger and seo companies need these services. these types of links are generally free all you need to do is to do some research where to place the link on particular website. You can charge price accordingly. there are many types of links are sold by freelancers. like web 2.0, profile links, bookmarkings, and forums are some of the popular link building techniques.

Here some examples of profile links

  1. Goodreads
  2. kickstarter
  3. Gravatar
  4. Bloglovin
  5. Behance

3. Online platforms

Now most of you would ask how to find that clients. well if you are looking free then i would request you to join some facebook groups that would really help you out in this matter. And if you have something to pay then you can go for upwork, fiverr and many other online platforms which has some fee but they can get you client. but before you go there please review their terms and condition. it require lots of experience to provide better services on these platform.

4. Complete seo service

Its not only company who gets client for complete seo. if you have good knowledge and you an rank website and bring traffic then as freelancers you can get client too. its not like that if you have started as link builder you would be building links to your entire life. if you have knowledge you can approach client and convince them with your previous projects that you worked on. there are many bloggers who can’t afford big companies they would definitely provide you work.

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