What is the Cost of IVF Treatment in India?

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Not the doctor or the treatment centre defines your IVF treatment price, but it is the infertility issue in the patient that determines the Total Cost of the IVF treatment in India. Like if your colleague or friend around you might receive the success of an IVF Treatment after two or more cycles, but you can get lucky to be pregnant after only the completion of the first cycle of IVF. So, your expenses will certainly be lower compared to the person undergoing multiple IVF cycles. 

In short, you can say that the overall expense of the procedure highly depends on your response to the method. The response to the medical procedure cannot be 100% controlled by the patient, but it also depends on their medical condition too and most precisely the age. 

Age is one of the most effective factors that vary the cost of IVF treatment to a considerable extent. 

Price For IVF Treatment in India:

If we talk about the cost of the IVF treatment for the patients below the age of 35 years, the overall cost ranges between 4,000 to 7,000 US dollars. Now, at the same time, if we talk about the patients above the age of 35 years, the starting cost of the treatment is 86,250 dollars. It may go above one lakh dollars, depending on the number of medical cycles and the age of the patient. 

The age increases infertility in both the men and the women. It has different reasons for both the men and the women. In women, the number of eggs in the entire life cycle depends are predefined. It cannot increase within your life period. So, the women lack the eggs or say the quality eggs after a particular age. 

So after the 35 years of age the infertility chances are high for women. In some cases, men can also suffer from fertility issues after 30 years of age. Although the causes are not fixed, the most common once are the quality of sperms and the sperm count. The sperm count reduces that leads to the failure of the reproduction. 

If one of the partners or both are suffering from infertility, it may require multiple cycles of IVF. The chances are rare that the procedure is a success in the first cycle of IVF for overage patients. It require numerous cycles of IVF for the desired cure. As the per-cycle cost of IVF is high for the patient above the age of 35 years, the Charges for IVF Treatment in India for multiple cycles also get very high. 

Still, when you compare India is the only country that provides the treatment at most affordable cost.

Final Words:

If you are delaying the treatment because of the cost of the IVF procedure, plan to undergo the procedure in India. It will help you to avail the treatment within your budget and you can be stress free. You can improve your relationship with your partner and complete your family at the earliest

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