6 Sustainable Packaging Ideas for your Products

With planet warming up and temperatures rising, consumers are more concerned about the environmental impacts of their purchases than ever. While there is still a long way to go, a lot of consumers are not comfortable with the kind of packaging companies are using for their products.

Gigantic amounts of waste is generated every year. It ends up on landfills and clogs rivers. That is why companies have come up with Green packaging to decrease their environmental footprint. Green packaging involves using materials that do not have a significant impact on the environment.

By using Eco Friendly Boxes, companies can serve the larger purpose of protecting the habitat.

The Sushi Bag

Sushi is one of the most common foods in the world. Started from Japan, it is now being served throughout the world by a number of restaurants. Since thousands of orders are placed daily, the food industry needs Sustainable Packaging for it.

One of the ways to tackle this issue is to use Fume packaging. Fume means ship in the Japanese language. It is a biodegradable form of casing which is also recyclable. Which means it not only can be used several times, but when you have used it enough, you can throw it away and it will degrade through natural processes.

It has a hull too which serves to hold soy sauce. It is small container built on the top most side of the box. Since plastic tapes are also a contributor to environmental waste, chopsticks are used to lock down the casing. This means there is further reduction in waste materials.

The Bangle Design

It has been called one of the most innovative packaging designs in the market. The most prominent aspect of this container is that it eliminates the need for any plastic or Styrofoam materials. The design is fully based upon sustainability.

Its structure is designed like bangles with a thread holding them together. Two or more bangles are held together in a vertical way and can be lifted in one piece when the thread is lifted. Cuts are designed strategically through every box to let the thread pass through them unhindered.

Paper Bottles

You mightthink of paper as a very fragile material which does not hold its ground in front of water. But a new kind of paper has been developed that is being used to manufacture shower bottles.

These bottles are fully biodegradable and ca be recycled for different uses as well. Instead of using glue, it is held together by grooves that interlock into each other. But I t is not water resistant unless there is a thin plastic layer inside of it.

But this plastic is different from the typical one. It is 95% thinner and is food-standard. Consumers can collapse the bottle after using it hence they can use the product till its last drop.

Flax Fiber

This bag decomposes completely after 60 days when you throw it away. No new materials are used to manufacture it. It is made from flax fiber industrial wastage that is produced on daily basis. It also uses very low energy to be produced. So, from production to its decomposition, everything is good for the ecology. As a result, carbon footprint is decreased significantly.

It is also known for is variability and flexibility. Different industries can use it for their purposes.

Palm Tableware

Restaurants and food businesses are increasingly concerned about using disposable items including tableware. For them, fallen palm leaves have been turned into brilliant containers.

First they were only provided to businesses but now they are also being made available to consumers too. It is compostable and degradable.

Little Shoes Bags

Shoe boxes amount to a lot of cardboard waste each year since some space is always left in them. These boxes reduce the use of cardboard more than half and save a lot of energy too. Totes are also provided with these bags to eliminate any need for extra plastic bags.

Your company can be part of the cohort leading the efforts against global warming. It is not just a marketing ploy. You need to put your effort into it. And it is not only about profits too. The fate of our planet is in our hands. We can choose either to save it or cause destruction.

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