Facing Indigo Error on Kodi? Find out what you can do

Kodi is an open-source media platform where you can stream music, videos, podcasts, and photos and play games regardless of the type or number of devices you use. Then, it comes with many customizable features that give you the freedom to run the app as you desire. These are generally third-party add-ons. People enjoy these features because they improve users’ experiences by offering additional functionalities to Kodi streaming app. Of them, Indigo is one choice. It contains a set of repair and diagnostic tools that frequently check the status of Kodi and its performance. It also fixes things that seem critical for its smooth functioning.

However, if you also installed Indigo like other users, you may have faced Indigo error. Kodi Indigo error blocks your access to the platform. Hence, you would want to know the potential reasons behind it. There can be a handful of causes. Let’s check them.

Common factors responsible for showing Indigo error

  • A bad update, such as 4.0.4, can cause multiple failures due to which module doesn’t run
  • A corrupt or incomplete Indigo module can be another source
  • If you see Indigo leading you to log messages, then it can be a hint that some other erroneous add-on or module is the real culprit and Indigo cannot repair it

How to fix Indigo error?

Some solutions can work out in these scenarios. So, go through them and see what happens. However, when you test them, your internet connection should run well. Kodi has been a top of the line online media player that is accessible now on the web. Kodi is publicly released, and it is playable on a few gadgets or stages. With Kodi, clients would have the option to stream a ton of video content and furthermore download them in their different sight and sound gadgets. You can likewise attempt to redo your ordinary feed-in Kodi and therefore utilize the application in the manner that you need.

One way of doing it is that you update or get back to a previous version because error started showing up after the latest upgrade. These issues can arise if the add-on is a third-party one, and Kodi also had a recent update. While doing this, you have to be aware which versions of Kodi and Indigo you are using and if both of them are the latest ones. If they are the recent versions, you can try to go back to the earlier version of each one after another. It should resolve your issue. Some users complain that the 4.0.4/17 update is so erroneous that it ruined the module.

In case the first option doesn’t solve your issue, you can try and install Indigo once again after removing it entirely from Kodi. You may have encountered problems earlier due to an incomplete or damaged module. So, starting fresh can come in handy. For re-installation, you can:

  • Visit File Manager in Kodi to go to the Add source available on the left side of the navigation bar.
  • Input the path ‘http://fusion.tvaddons.co/’ and type ‘Indigo’ in the media source.
  • Save all the changes.
  • Choose the little box icon on the top in the Add-ons page in Kodi. You will get 4 to 5 options from where you need to click on ‘Install from zip file.’
  • Go back to the “Indigo” folder you created.
  • Select the available version and install it.
  • Once done, restart Kodi and see if you still get any errors.

Online games have become a rage with netizens today, thanks to apps like Kodi. But remember that poor internet speed and security threats can spoil your experience. If you genuinely love playing games, then make sure to use a free gaming VPN. It can eliminate many risks. Kodi has been a best in class online media player that is available now on the web. Kodi is openly discharged, and it is playable on a couple of devices or stages. With Kodi, customers would have the choice to stream a huge amount of video content and moreover download them in their diverse sight and sound devices. You can in like manner endeavor to re-try your conventional feed-in Kodi and in this manner use the application in the way that you need.

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