Train food delivery

Identify the unauthorized food servers in trains

The train catering facilities are only vested with the IRCTC and only they are authorized to grant the permissions to other people whom they want to involve in the whole process. This is the main statuary body which has launched the online catering services. Due to this facility any person can order the food by entering the 10 digit PNR number while travelling by selecting the station from which they want food. Train food delivery services are one of the best services of the system in terms of food quality and hygiene. This is a boon for the travelers as they now don’t have to carry heavy and additional bags and not even have to depend upon the pantry car services.

There are mainly 3 ways to order food from the IRCTC. They are as:

  • Ordering from the official website
  • Calling and then placing the order
  • Placing the order with the help of SMS.

People who order using these services will get food from authorized people by the officials. When these models became successful there was entry of many companies who wanted to enter into this chain and wanted to do this work of delivering the food to the passengers. Using these services the people can even pay online and have other services as well:

  • Making some complaints about any issue related to food
  • Rating the services and the quality of the food
  • Many vendors can enter the platform in order to meet the needs of the customers and the competition as well.

There are also many unauthorized food sellers that make the whole system very vague. They sell the poor quality materials at high prices and this whole thing directly affects the image of the system in the eyes of the consumers. They have no formal permission to deliver the food in train, they are even no catering partners of the IRCTC, do not follow the proper food related standards, have no proper systems in regard to delivery and billing, have no dress code and even provide the poor quality food at unreasonable high rates.

  • No permissions: the IRCTC has some specified guidelines which are to be followed by their partners and such people even do not follow to such conditions and are not permitted to sell food in trains.
  • Not a catering partner: the catering partners have recognized identities and they can be easily recognized in comparison to the fake ones. There are proper instructions for the travelers to not to buy food from them due to the health and safety hazards.
  • Not following standards: these unauthorized people do not follow the food related safety standards of the system and they sell food normally with no regard to quality and hygiene.
  • No accurate systems: even they do not have any systems of managing the things and proper deliveries. Further they do not even have billing systems.

Thus, the people must differentiate them from the genuine ones and must buy food from the authorized people only and not from any other person.

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