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How Often Should You Go to a Gynaecologist?

If you assume that your health is good, you are wrong. you have to ensure that your health is in the best shape. If you are a female and you are not taking extra care of your health; you might end up with health issues. you have to ensure that your health stays effective and efficient.

There are the best hospitals like Crescent hospital Mehdipatnam that can help you in keeping a great check on your health. Do you ever visit a gynaecologist? Come on, you should never take a chance with your health. The point is every female should see a gynaecologist to endorse great health.  Right from the time of puberty, when the reproductive organs mature, females should be regularly assessed by a gynaecological specialist. Females should schedule an exam between the ages of 13 and 15 or once they become sexually active. Physicians can easily explain normal bodily functions and answer any related questions related to menstruation that may arise. Doctors can advise older women related to menopause and hormone replacement therapy. Keeping a close bond with your gynaecologist is going to be helpful over the years.

What does these doctors do?

During an annual type of well woman exam, an OB/GYN might perform pelvic and breast exams. A pelvic exam permits inspection of the cervix, and a Pap smear permits the examination of a few cells microscopically for any possibly cancerous cells. Women must have a pelvic exam annually, whether or not they are experiencing a Pap smear. The doctor can measure various disorders of the reproductive system via examination. He or she might also conduct tests with blood and tissue cultures.

You know self-examination or that of a doctor’s exam might also discover breast abnormalities early. From there, a mammogram (an X-ray technique) would visualize breast tissue for any possible cancerous alterations. Digital imaging software used in computerized mammography might eradicate some errors in the reading.  In case there are any doubtful areas of concern, breast ultrasounds are the next stage and then breast biopsies, in case needed. But remember, you don’t have to be scared here. You should always be ready for your check up because timely check up would ensure that your health is in the best shape and safe. once you get the roots in time, you can unroot them. the sooner you discover anything wrong happening to you, the better it would be for you.

Once a woman is pregnant, ultrasound and amniocentesis would detect abnormalities of the foetus. Then there can also be one more test that is called chorionic villus sampling. Tiny vascular fibrils that assist form the placenta are measured by laparoscopy, that provides an evaluation of the foetus. Various of these assessment techniques might be done in a doctor’s office,  and others can be done in a hospital or outpatient surgical center.


So, once you know that there is a good hospital like crescent hospital Hyderabad in the area, you must visit there. Your health is in your hands!

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