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How Janitorial Cleaners Are Different from Commercial Office Cleaners?

Be it is your corporate building, a retail store, a warehouse, or any other commercial space, your workspace definitely requires commercial cleaning either regularly or occasionally. This, of course, depends on your requirements. 

In keeping your commercial space clean and well-maintained, the office cleaners South Eastern Melbourne services prove to be the best. Now, the question is what type of commercial cleaning are you planning to have? Is it the janitorial services or commercial cleaning?

No more confusion if you are reading the blog at the moment. Here we have clearly presented the difference between the janitorial services and the commercial office cleaning services. Reaching the end, you will come to know about the difference and find it easy to make your decision.

About Janitorial Cleaners

Janitorial cleaning providers take care of regular cleaning duties. If you are looking for office cleaning service on a regular basis, you must hire these janitorial services.

With these services, you will always be ready to surprise your visitors with a clean and fresh environment. Reach out to the company that offers janitorial services. They will always provide you this based on your needs. This is classified based on a daily basis, weekly basis, and even a bi-weekly basis.

The best thing about these services is you will find no reason to deny their services. They are professionally trained and have a good knowledge regarding the cleaning products and equipment required in their work. They make use of those products that are less likely to cause serious health problems and simultaneously maintain a healthy and hygienic atmosphere.

Now here is the list of services they offer in a row.

Restroom cleaning
Cleaning the kitchen along with the employee’s private room.
Sweeping and mopping the office floor.
Regular carpet cleaning.
Dusting the furniture and official stationery.
Cleaning out the trash every day.

These are the few regular works that they are supposed to perform.

However, the commercial office cleaning services are a bit different from the janitorial cleaning services. 

About Commercial Office Cleaners

Commercial office cleaners, on the other hand, perform a plethora of jobs but not on a regular basis. You can hire them for a one-time to perform a specific job or maybe on a contractual basis.

Do you have any bigger cleaning projects for the cleaning agencies? For example, exterior wall cleaning, window washing, etc. Then hiring the commercial office cleaners is the best way to meet all your comprehensive needs.

The cleaning services that these commercial office cleaners often include in their list are:

Carpet cleaning.
Exterior wall cleaning
Hard surface floor cleaning.
Cleaning of office furniture and upholstery.
Window washing.
Power washing. Of course, you won’t recommend having all the above-mentioned services weekly or on a regular basis. Therefore, they are separately filtered as commercial office cleaning services.


Both janitorial services and office cleaning services are required when you are looking forward to cleaning your workplace. But both play different roles. The former is required in a daily basis whereas the latter is required once or twice a year. Now, this is up to you, how you will keep your commercial area well-maintained.

So, which one are you recently looking for? Janitorial cleaning services or commercial cleaning services? 

Check out the office cleaners South Eastern Melbourne services and get the best premium service.

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