Beas Kund Trekking is a Perfect Escape to the Himalayas with Riding Solo

Planning to escape from the routine life and have some thrill with adventures, then make your dreams come true with Beas Kund trekking in the Himalayas. Plan for a long weekend to spend your time in Beas Kund trek to experience the beauty of this place in the banks of Beas river. Climbing the misty Himalayan heights to reach the ancient lake of Beas Kund will be an awesome experience. Every tourist will highly be fascinated to trek in the Beas Kund to get the travel experience of the emerald green lake which is fed by melting glaciers.

Is Beas Kund trekking a perfect one for first-time trekkers?

Beas Kund is believed to be the best one to experience the trekking for the first time with easy steps to walk and lesser steep sections. This along with the idyllic meadows surrounded with flowers, shrubs on the rocks, peaks make it a perfect escape for the Himalayas as well as best one for the first-time trekkers. One of the aspiring features of trekking in Beas Kund is the camp in the night that allows sleeping under the dark sky with stars dazzling in the night and wind passing the whistles. Thus, allowing first-time trekkers to enjoy Beas Kund and raising the interest to plan towards the next trek.

What is the best time to go Beas Kund?

The best time to go Beas Kund for trekking is the month of June as it makes the tourists experience serene Green Lake of Beas Kund from where the river begins. At this season of time visitors can enjoy the expansive views of famed peaks along with the glaciers, fruit orchards, green Solang and others. To experience the snow in your trek then try to plan for a trek in the months from mid-June to September. However, from the mid of the September snow starts melting and it slowly starts its way into vegetation making it lush green.

What is the striking feature in Beas Kund?

Beas Kund trekking offers one of the best striking features that is stargazing. Dhundi is one of the most popular campsites in the Beas Kund trek, because of the two sides where one is occupied by the green grassland which is lined with the burbling river and on the other side it is covered with budding flowers. In the night time, the sky is lit up with the millions of stars sparkling and can also capture the visible galaxies. Nature lovers and first-time trekkers will sure get some awesome experiences here in Beas Kund trek.

Beas Kund trek allows escaping into the Himalayas

Beas Kund is one of the best and ideal treks among the several presents in the Himalayas. One can escape into the Himalayas with this trek to experience isolated miracles of nature away from the proximity of urban settlements. This trek is accessible for visitors of all ages and convenient that makes it more appealing.

So, plan out this long vacation to enjoy Beas Kund trekking along with friends or family to add more memories.

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