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Nor-feed : natural additives for livestock feed

Playing a great role in feeding, well-being and health of the livestock, high standardized natural additives should be added to their diet. 

Why natural additives for livestock feed? 

Using natural additives for livestock remains a healthy alternative to antibiotics that are commonly used as livestock’s growth promoters. In fact, as they are natural based additives, these products bring up more efficiencies in the livestock’s growth. The farmer just needs to supplement high standardized natural additives for their animals from accredited institutions such as Nor-Feed, Animal Welfare, Animal feed supplements, Animal feed additives. This way, they can make sure they adopt the standardised, documented and efficient product. 

Besides, using natural feed additives is a sustainable approach that meet the consumer’s demand who become more and more engaged on the use of quality and safety of the product they choose for their livestock. The use of natural additives for livestock feed constitutes also a better feed efficiency that is a noble battle to reduce the polluting emissions such as methane and ammonia. 

But the daily use of natural additives for livestock rests a good way to improve the health, the digestion and the production of the livestock because it goes without saying that what matters is the health, the digestion, the growth, the lactation and the reproduction and the well-being of the animals. 

In which natural additives to focus on for livestock? 

To make sure you have chosen the best natural food additives for your livestock, Norfeed offers characterized and standardized products with documented benefits. To bring up feed efficiency, less environmental impact at farm level, improved animal welfare and healthier and tastier products, Norfeed presents consistent and well branded botanicals from refined food plant. The brand proposes also cost effective alternative with standard health and nutrition welfares but also reliable results for the feed industry and customers’ satisfaction.  

Among the best natural additives for livestock feed, Norfood suggest Nor-Grape, which is the first botanical additive to get authorization in the 2B category by the European Commission. There are also the Nor-Spice AB which is a natural animal feed extracted from citrus and standardized in extracted citroflavonoids and the Saponins benefits, produced by certain plants. 

Advantages and issues of the use of natural additives for livestock feed

Apart from foddering, grazing or corn feeding, farmers may also use supplements to the animal growth and impact on the production. In fact, whether the farmer adopts grazing, integrated livestock-crop farming or loft feeding and intensive finishing, they may, at one specific period of the animal’s growth integrate natural additives for livestock feed in their diet. This last may directly affect the quality of the digestion, the growth, the lactation and the meat production. In fact, using Norfeed natural additives for livestock may intervene within the replacement of the vitamin E support in their diet, the providing of the water-soluble, of the meat quality and may also compensate for the oxidative stress. Natural additives for livestock are also responsible of the growth and the feed efficiency, the stimulation of the growth of lactic and bacteria and they finally provide POS or Pectic Oligosaccharides. 

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