Some ways to use egg powder

As kitchen staple, eggs are generally used for breakfast, pastries, breads and more. The reason is that it gathers a complex mixture of proteins and fats. But eggs are not easy to conserve as they are delicate. Egg powder emergence brings new breath to that concern. 

What are powdered eggs? 

Popular amongst bikers, hikers, campers, survivalists and preppers, powdered eggs are eggs that have been dried and turned into powder. Powdered eggs, as produced and sold at Igreca, powdered eggs are protein-rich. They can also be used for just about any dish that calls for eggs. 

Benefits of powdered eggs

There are several advantages of powdered eggs over fresh eggs. First, powdered eggs present proper storage conditions, in cool, dark and dry places and can be rotated every Three years. Besides, powdered eggs don’t need to be stored in the refrigerator. They don’t even require many storage space. After, when you want to rehydrate the powdered eggs to make omelets or to make scrambled eggs, you just need to add up some liquid, which are usually water or milk. Otherwise, when you want to add powdered egg to baked recipes, you don’t need to mix them with a liquid before incorporating them in your recipe. 

Forms of dried eggs 

The majority of food storage companies sell dried eggs. Generally, they are packaged are immediately suitable for camping, hiking, hunting, etc. Many companies like Igreca suggests dried whole eggs, dried egg whites and even different versions of scrambled eggs. Dried scrambled eggs remains actually  the only dried egg product which gather numerous additives including bacon, ham,  dehydrated peppers or even preservatives, flavorings, and artificial coloring. There is also dried scrambled eggs. They generally produce the same look and taste of scrambled eggs, as far as consistency is concerned. Also, dried scrambled eggs are very handy. 

But there are also the dried whole eggs which are the most versatile of all the dried egg products. In fact, dried and powdered eggs can be used to replace fresh eggs in your baking, in casseroles, frittatas, and also in other breading process. And finally, notice that you can use powdered eggs in all the recipes where you use whole eggs. 

Ways to use powdered eggs

You can use powdered eggs in different ways. The first and easiest way to deal with is to reconstitute them with water. You just need enough water to form a batter with the powdered egg. You just have to wait a few minutes before using the batter. That whole egg powder can also be added to the dry ingredients in a baking recipe. Egg powder can also be used to fortify fresh eggs and to boost its protein content. But you can also use the powdered egg whites. You can for example transform them into meringue for lemon pies to stabilize it or for example for angel food cakes. Otherwise, notice that the egg powders are not only safer, they are also more versatile than fresh eggs. 

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