Ways To Maintain Longevity Of Outdoor Curtains By Keeping Them Clean

You have invested thousands of dollars while purchasing the best curtains for outdoors. As these curtains are directly coming in contact with harsh weather conditions and unwanted particles, so the chosen material needs to be keen to withstand all of these issues. These curtains are even more prone to wear and tear, and also getting dirty quickly. Keeping them clean from time to time is mandatory if you want to enhance the curtains’ longevity for a long time. Without wasting time, let’s talk about some of the easy ways to keep your curtains clean for a long time.

Light cleaning and hose down:

Are you willing to clean the dirty outdoor curtains with ease? If so, then light cleaning can help you big time. Well, you need a cleaning brush to wipe the dirt off the curtains. Sometimes, the market will come up with some newly made brushes designed to clean outdoor curtains only. So, why not give those materials a try as well!

  • Remember to prepare a straightforward cleaning solution made out of mild soap and water. Use liquids like dishwashing ones and Woolite, and then use this mixture with a soft bristle brush to clean the curtains.
  • Remember that your fabric needs to soak the mix for a few minutes. It helps in weakening the dirt particles.
  • Later, you have to rinse the mixture thoroughly until all the soap residues are removed from the curtain’s fabric. 
  • When these necessary steps are covered, it is time to air dry the curtains. It might take time if the weather isn’t sunny outside. But, it will look as fresh and clean as new, once dried up completely.

Sometimes the machine wash is necessary:

There are times when the light cleaning won’t help you get the result you are looking for. Moreover, you may not have the time to hand wash these curtains. At this point, machine wash seems to be the best alternative to follow. Nowadays, washing machines have separate cleaning modes for curtain washes. So, put the given amount of soap inside and follow the instructions. Your curtain will get cleaned in no time. But, never use the dryer on outdoor curtains as they need air dry for better results.

Bleach and borax for killing mildew:

Sometimes, outdoor curtains might be victims of mildew formation because of excessive moisture. There are ways you can kill mildew and let’s follow the steps now.

  • Remove the curtains first and lay those directly out in the sun. UV rays are a natural mildew inhibitor and will make it easier to clean the curtain.
  • Use a stiff bristle brush to rub curtains and scrape the mildew spores.
  • Then dip a sponge or clean cloth in chlorine bleach to blot mildewed spots. If you don’t have chlorine bleach, you can use perborate or all-fabric bleach instead. 
  • It will just take few minutes of your time to clean the curtains. If you don’t have time to do so, ask experts to cover it up for you. They know the right steps to follow.


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