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Reasons Why Business Phone Service Is A Must For Small Enterprises

In this tech-savvy world, every business needs to keep them updated and equipped with current technology. Many technologies like Chabot, SMS, live messaging, artificial intelligence, and etcetera have changed the ways of doing business in the last decade. These technologies have certainly proven to be advantageous for Small Enterprises but regardless of many small business owners, put their contact number under their organization’s contact information.

Despite all the advancements in technology, the old-school way of having interaction over voice with customers is the most incredible way to make your customer stay with you by building trust. Also, some studies prove that more than 70% of the consumers prefer to have talked about the issues they are facing to a human customer care representative than a computer-operated voiced automated system.

According to recent research done by BIA/Kelsey, the calls from customers will observe an exponential curve reaching approximately 169 billion per year in 2020. Moreover, it is believed that voice calls not only generate more sales of about 10-15 times prior but also has the advantage of providing a real-time follow-up activity that helps in building up a business. So, regardless of any technology that pops-up, human customer service cannot be ignored because of the benefits it offers.

Furthermore, it might appear tempting to some business owners to put their contact number for business communication but there are multifarious advantages of a virtual number for the business.

In this article, some merits of having a virtual phone for business are mentioned and explained after doing fruitful and comprehensive research that will make you understand that how a virtual phone number for business can elevate the productivity of your business:

  1. Professional Appearance

Most start-up businesses and freelancers work from a home office or a café and bound themselves to use their phones for business calls. A major disadvantage of not using a virtual phone number for the business you need to take care of where you use it, like your social media, and etcetera. But if you have a dedicated line only for business, it will make you look professional. And make your customers believe that not only do you work professionally but you look similarly by using a virtual phone number for the business.

It is a smart process in which you get a forwarded call on your cell phone without disturbing your process.

  • Adaptability For Growth Of Your Venture

Using a virtual phone number for your small business allows you to take advantage that large companies are relishing. As it allows a small corporation to maintain a smooth network with your customers on frontend and lets you update and smoothen internal communications happening in your business. Moreover, there is no disadvantage of keeping up with the technology as when your enterprise adapts with a virtual phone number for their business, there are higher chances of adapting themselves in any changes in telecommunication policies quickly and to any expansion programs when your small enterprise requires.

  • Cost Reduction

As soon as your business gains popularity, and reaches to a more targeted audience, your company will require more people and a considerable system to keep a check on all your business updates regularly. The only possible and practical way to reduce this cost is by opting for a virtual phone number for the business.

Traditionally, when you hire an employee as a customer executive, you provide them with a distinct IP address and system, but after switching to a virtual phone number for your business, you save an ample amount as you are not required to buy these things for your recruit. Rather, you can create a separate account of every call executive over a call center software app. With this, not only you are saving some capital for your business but also you can keep track of real-time analytics and can access whole information about your customers.

  • Effective And Affordable Security, Software Upgrades And Maintenance

Working online can be risky because of various threats like malware, and security breaches that might expose not only your data but your customer’s data as well. Malware can also be dangerous by destroying your encrypted data. But when you opt for a virtual phone number for business, you get an additional benefit of securing your data on cloud technology. With this, all your essential data including call logs, customer’s data, voicemails, and etcetera are safe.

In addition to that, when you have a virtual phone number for business, you do not have to suffer the cost of upgrades or any inconveniences that have resulted from your out-dated systems. Your service provider does all that laborious task for you and keeps you intact with upgraded technology.

Also, you can enjoy the benefits of managing your business from any place as there will be no strict rule of being at a specific place to track your business.

  • Easy Integration Of Business Applications

Being an entrepreneur is a tough task especially at the beginning stages of your business. And as you grow you need to incorporate different applications for growth of your company that can be a burdensome task to do. But, after having a virtual phone number for your business, your service provider presents you with a flexible offer to open an application programming interface (API) for your business and developers can extend the telephony into a series of workflows to develop applications for your business.

The most common example of this is adding “click-to-call” buttons in email signatures, your website, and where ever possible to make your brand interactive and attract traffic towards your company.


Having a virtual phone number for your small enterprise is a great way of commencing your business and work in the most professional way possible with the various advantages mentioned above.

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