Covid-19: Online Solutions to Beat the Virus

One aspect of the current global Covid-19 pandemic to emerge is the expanded use of digital technology, with distance learning replacing the traditional classroom, as we try to protect our children from this Coronavirus. While there are some things that cannot be done online, you would be surprised at how digital technology is helping people to lead a normal life while being under restrictions and lockdowns. Here are a few examples of how the World Wide Web can help you to lead a normal life during these troubling times.

  • Medical Services – If, for example, you need to get a medical certificate for work, this can be done online, using a virtual doctor’s consultation, and that means you don’t have to leave your home to obtain vital documentation regarding an absence from work. In the event you feel a little unwell, you can book a virtual doctor’s appointment, which in most cases, is adequate for the medical practitioner to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.
  • Physical Health – When you are unable to leave your home due to the lockdown, you can still enjoy Yoga or Pilates classes with an online instructor. If you search online for a Pilates studio, you will find that all of these institutions now offer virtual classes, as this allows the classes to continue despite the social distancing rules. You can even book a personal trainer to give your virtual support when working out, much like if you were both in the same gym, so there’s no need to let yourself go physically. If you enjoy watching movies, here is a list of digital platforms that offer non-stop movies, which will keep you entertained during the lockdown.
  • Distance Learning – Schools, colleges and universities all offer distance learning courses, indeed, some have had to close down their classroom courses and switch to virtual learning, at least until the pandemic is over. Even young children are being schooled at home with the online supervision of a remotely located teacher and in some parts of the world, this has replaced traditional classroom learning altogether.
  • Working at Home – Many people are fortunate in that they can carry out their work at home and send it to their head office via email, which is a lifesaver, and while it does take some getting used to, working from home is necessary for many, but impractical for some. Consultants can generally do their work using video conferencing, as can other professions, at least to some degree, and this does keep the wheels turning, so to speak, as we try to find some level of normality.
  • Online Shopping – Almost all supermarkets now offer online shopping, when you simply click on the item you want and it is deposited into your virtual shopping cart. Once you reach checkout, a secure online payment will see your groceries packed and delivered to your door, and it isn’t only supermarkets that sell online. You can source just about anything online, and prices are generally 15-10% cheaper than in traditional retail stores, and with free delivery, you really can’t go wrong.

As you can see, there are a quite a few ways you can use the Internet during the lockdown and prior to going out, make sure you check for the latest Covid-19 updates in your region.

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