How to Understand you need to stop playing slots

Playing slots is great fun but if you play too often it can become addictive. Suddenly you might realise that you are spending most of your savings on slots and that you barely see your friends and family because you spend all your free time playing casino games. Sometimes you might not realise you have a problem but there are several signs that can indicate you should stop playing slots – spill norske spilleautomater.

Spending too much money on slots

When you play casino games you should always set yourself a budget and once you’ve spent this amount you should stop playing. Even if you haven’t won much that day you should never go over the limit you’ve decided on. What’s more you should only gamble the money that you have extra that you don’t mind losing. You should never gamble money that you need to pay the bills and other necessary things.

If you notice that you’re starting to spend more and more money on slots at the expense of your savings, you should think about how slots affect your budget.

Lying about playing slots

It’s a worrying sign if you start lying to your friends and family about how much time you spend playing slots or how much money you bet. If you do not want to admit these things because you know they will think it’s too much, then maybe you subconsciously know that you have a problem.

Playing slots instead of spending time with loved ones

A common sign of slot addiction is that you start feeling like you would rather play slot games instead of seeing your friends or family. Slots should be a form of entertainment that you do every once in a while to relax, but it should never be the thing you look forward to the most during the day.

If you notice that you neglect relationships because of gambling, you should consider taking a break from slots.

Admitting you have a problem

A big part of being able to understand that you need to stop playing slots is admitting that you are developing a gambling addiction. Players often do not want to acknowledge that either because they are ashamed or because they think they have it under control.

Being able to recognise that you’ve been playing too much is the first step towards getting better and there is no need to be embarrassed about it. If you do not admit that, you will keep playing and spending more money and the problem will become even more serious.


Signs of developing a gaming problem can be different for each player but these are examples of the most common ones. If you notice any of the things discussed here in your behaviour, it should make you understand that playing slots has been negatively affecting your everyday life. If you play regularly, it can be difficult to stop playing slots. Nevertheless, if you think you might have a problem you should stop playing before it starts having a negative impact on your mental health and gets you into financial troubles. 

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