How do Slots Sites Decide on Which Game Slots Spins will go?

Slots are incredibly exciting games, the outcomes of the spins are completely unpredictable – click to visit. Learning about the inner workings of a slot and finding out how slots spin could be beneficial to a players gameplay style.

Online Slot Basics 

Before delving into the inner workings of an online slot, it is important for players to fully understand the basics. 

  1. Reels are probably the first thing that players will notice about online slots. While they are no longer a mechanical, moving piece of the game, reels still play a prominent part. Reels are essentially the vertical portions of the slot grid which are spun once the player has made a wager. These reels contain various symbols.
  2. Symbols are another immediately noticeable part of an online slot game. These are the small icons that are featured within the reels and grid. Each slot usually has around twelve symbols but this can vary. There are also special types of symbols which can be found on the reels, these include wilds, scatters and bonus.
  3. Paylines are featured in every slot game. These are the lines in the game which can trigger a win for the player. The average amount of paylines on a modern slot is around 25 but there are some slots which feature hundreds of possible paylines.
  4. Bet level is actually very simple to understand, it is the amount of coins you can bet. If you have a high bet level, this means you can bet a high amount. This can usually be changed by the player depending on their bankroll.


The RNG is probably the most important factor in deciding the outcome of a player’s spin. The RNG stands for random number generator and it is essentially a small piece of coding used in every slot machine which is able to guarantee a completely random outcome. It is able to achieve this by working out thousands of complex mathematical sums when the player presses the spin button. There is nothing either the player or casino can do to affect the outcome of the RNG. It doesn’t matter how much you bet or what the result of the previous spin was, the RNG will not be swayed. Although it may seem unfair at times, once the player understands that the RNG works at complete random, they can use this to their advantage when playing.

RTP and Volatility 

Another important aspect of a slot game is the RTP and volatility. Both of these can have significant impacts on the outcome of a slot game. 

●       RTP stands for return to player and it is essentially a percentage that depicts how much return a player can expect to see over a period of time.

●       Volatility is the amount of risk involved with a slot game. If a slot is said to be highly volatile, this means that the slot has a high amount of risk involved and will payout at a much more infrequent rate.

Final Thoughts 

Long gone are the mechanical reels of past slot machines. Instead computer generated reels use completely random spins thanks to the RNG.

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