Egg powders: good or bad

As powdered eggs begin to invade the markets, some people wander if these products are really good for the health. Even if fresh egg is a consequent product in the variety of food products; powdered eggs are nowadays seen as a better alternative that impacts a lot on the life Of both consumers and manufacturers.

Egg powders: what is to be known about it?

Egg powder is egg that has completely been dehydrated. As there are nowadays many manufacturers that produce egg powder, the process of dehydrating may differ from one entity to another. But the most common method to dehydrate fresh egg is called spray drying, the process that is used within the egg powder company.

By the spray drying, the wet substance that composes the 75% of the egg is rapidly dried. The product that comes from it is a highly versatile product that has the same consistence and texture of powdered milk.

Advantages of fresh egg

As a super-food, egg contains many good nutrients that are very useful for human’s body. As a fresh product, it can easily help you to meet your daily requirements. But you have to keep in mind that they may also gather some bacteria called salmonella that are dangerous for your health.

Besides, because of their fragile shells, fresh eggs are a bit difficult to carry. But that should not prevent you from eating them every day. Apart from being a high source of proteins, eating fresh egg can also help you prevent from suffering with several diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure.

In fact, eggs have the special capacity of increasing the level of high cholesterol. Also known as lipoprotein (HDL), the good cholesterol that is present within the egg in considerable amount is responsible of the limitation of the heart disease risk.

As they are low in calories, eating egg for a diet program can also be beneficial to control your height gain. The proteins that it contains are very efficient to boost the satiety levels, which leads to greater feelings of satisfaction.

Benefits of dried egg

Because dried eggs are dehydrated eggs, they contain merely the same components. For instance, remember that if you eat 100 grams of dried eggs, you will meet 82% of your daily vitamin D requirements, 50% of your daily folate needs, 25% of your daily riboflavin requirements and 40% of your daily selenium requirements. It also contains considerable amount of vitamins A, E, B12, iron, iodine but also phosphorus.

But as dried eggs are already hermetically packed, it becomes much easier to carry. And that is probably the first advantages that attract the consumers to adopt it. And as dried eggs are that easy to carry, it is also simple to store it. Some brands offer up to 2 years of safe storing.

After, it is also to be known that dried eggs are less expensive that fresh ones. That makes it more interesting, especially if you want to eat it every-day.

How to use dried eggs?

Generally, dried eggs can be integrated into a number of recipes, and they’re especially interesting for producing free from foods because they’re completely gluten-free! Also, it is to be noticed that egg white powders are essential for preparing low-fat recipes for the more health-conscious consumers.

They brings in functional and logistical advantages to bakery applications, exactly the same as fresh egg does. In fact, you can add it to bakery recipes but you don’t have to mix with liquid beforehand. Your work becomes simple because you will just need to add the quantity that is needed and the necessary amount of water and carry on with the usual recipe process. As far as the cakes, bread, biscuits, muffins or pancakes are concerned; you’ve won’t have to go on different steps with the egg before baking the batter. All you have to do is put it in the bowl and mix it until you get what you want.

After, remember that you can also cook dried egg and get the classical egg recipes such as omelets, scrambled eggs, soups with eggs and other sauces. All you have to do is add some liquids such as water or milk.

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