Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham, born March 16, 1967, is an American actress. Her roles on The WB/CW television show Gilmore Girls (2000–2007) and Sarah Braverman (2010–2015) are her most well-known.

Graham has starred in Sweet November (2001), Bad Santa 2003, The Pacifier (2004), The Pacifier (2006), Because I Said So (2007) and Evan Almighty (2007). Her debut novel, Someday…Someday, Maybe, was published by Ballantine Books. Graham reprised her role as Lorelai Gilmore in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: a Year in the Life in 2016. In 2016, she published Talking as Fast as You Can, a memoir. In Conclusion, Don’t Worry about It, her third book was published in 2018. She began her role as Alex Morrow in The Mighty Ducks, Game Changers in 2021.

Early life

Graham was born in Honolulu (Hawaii). Her mother, Donna Grant was a fashion buyer. Her father, Lawrence Graham is a candy industry lobbyist and has served as president of the National Confectioners Association. Graham was raised Catholic by her father (her maternal grandfather was a Baptist minister). She is also of Irish, English and Scottish descent. Graham was born in Vietnam to a father who worked for USAID in Vietnam. Graham grew up in Japan with her mother, a missionary daughter. Graham moved to Virginia suburbs with her father, a congressional staffer. Her mother moved to London to pursue a career in music. She died in 2005 at the age of 61. Graham was raised in close contact with her father. She stated, “I felt like I had it all.” My dad is very laid back and my father was self-starting as a child. I enjoyed a little bit of independence. It worked well for me.” Graham spent some of her childhood in Southampton, New York. Graham is half-brother and half-sister to her father, who was also a second husband. Shade Grant, her British half-sister, is a talent agent.

Personal life

From 2010 to 2021, Graham was in a relationship between actor Peter Krause and Graham. They met in 1995 on the sitcom Caroline in the City. Then they became a couple while appearing together on Parenthood.

Graham shared a room with Connie Britton in the mid-1990s.

Graham lives in Los Angeles.

Graham shared with More that she was Catholic and regularly attends church.

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