Leighton Meester

Leighton Marissa Meester, born April 9, 1986, is an American actress and singer. Her starring role in Gossip Girl, a series that aired on The CW from 2007 to 2012, is her most well-known. She also appears in films like Killer Movie (2008) and Country Strong (2010). On the ABC sitcom Single Parents (2018)-2020, she portrayed Angie D’Amato. Meester was the first Broadway star to make her Broadway debut with Of Mice and Men (2014)

Meester is also an actor. She was featured in the Cobra Starship single, “Good Girls Go Bad” which reached the Billboard Hot 100’s top ten. On the Universal Republic label, she released her solo singles “Somebody to Love” (2009) and “Your Love’s A Drug” (2010). Meester has recorded songs for many soundtracks. In 2014, her debut album Heartstrings was released independently. Her first album, Heartstrings, was released in 2014.

Early life

Meester was the daughter of Douglas Jay Meester (nee Haas) and Constance Lynn (nee Haas). Her father is a real-estate broker, while her mother is an author. Meester has two older brothers, Douglas Logan Meester, who was born in 1983, and Alexander “Lex”, who was born 1994. Meester’s parents were in federal prison serving time for their involvement with a drug ring that smuggled cannabis from Jamaica to the United States at the time of her birth. Constance gave birth to Leighton at a hospital. She then cared for her three months in a halfway home. Meester was cared for by her paternal grandparents. She maintained that her parents provided her with a normal childhood and that, despite her criminal past, it made her realize that people change. She was born in Marco Island, Florida and participated in local plays. In 1992, her parents divorced.

1999-2007: Career beginnings

Meester’s acting debut was in 1999 when she played Alyssa Turner’s murder victim friend on Law & Order. She made her film debut in Hangman’s Curse (2003, based upon Frank Peretti’s bestselling novel). Tarzan aired only eight episodes and she was a regular character. In 2004 and 2005, she played a recurring role on Entourage as Justinechapin and Veronica Mars was Carrie Bishop. Meester was booked as a guest star in Crossing Jordan, 8 Simple Rules and 7th Heaven. As Savannah Barnett, she was assigned as a series regular in Surface.

Personal life

Meester lives in Los Angeles. She got engaged to Adam Brody in November 2013. They met while filming The Oranges. They were married in private on February 15, 2014. The couple’s first child, a girl, was born August 4, 2015. In April 2020 it was announced that they were expecting their second child. Brody and their second child, a boy, were confirmed by the couple in September 2020.

Meester filed a lawsuit against her mother Constance in July 2011 over Meester’s financial support for Alexander, her younger brother with multiple health issues. Meester claimed that her mother used money she sent to pay for cosmetic procedures, such as hair extensions and botox. Her mother filed a countersuit alleging breach of contract, physical abuse and fraud. Constance claimed that Meester had made a verbal agreement, promising her US$10,000 per month instead of the US$7500 she actually received. Her mother claimed that Meester had promised her a higher sum for moving Meester to Los Angeles to pursue acting as a child. This claim was dismissed by the judge in court. Constance claimed that her daughter called social services to fabricate a claim she was abusing Alexander. Investigators interviewed Meester, and concluded that the complaint had no merit. Constance dropped her US$3million claim against her daughter in November 2011. Meester stated that she would pay for her brother’s medical expenses and school tuition. However, Meester denied that she was willing to pay US$10,000 per month. She claimed that this was a “ridiculous claim”. Meester received a default judgement on December 7, 2011. Meester won the suit in June 2012. The judge rejected the mother’s counter-suit claims.

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