Carley Shimkus 

Carley Shimkus, a gorgeous and glamourous Journalist for Fox Sports USA, is Carley Shimkus. Fox & Friends First is her co-host. After graduating, she tried her hand at the fashion industry but it didn’t go well. She decided to make a career out of journalism. Let’s look at Carley Shimkus Wikipedia. Biography, Children, Wiki, Husband, and Net Worth. Shimkus was previously a FOX News Headlines 24/7 reporter. She covered entertainment news and social media trends across all of FOX’s programming, including FOX & Friends, Mediabuzz, and FOX & Friends. She was also a substitute anchor for FNC and co-host of FOX Nation. Shimkus co-hosted several network specials during her tenure, including Countdown to All-American New Year with Griff Jenkins of FNC in 2018.

Early life

Carley Shimkus, was born 7th November 1986 in Long Valley (New Jersey). She grew up in Long Valley, New Jersey, with Margot, her older sister. She is an American citizen. Although there aren’t many recordings of her childhood education (primary school), Quinnipiac University was where she studied between 2005 and 2009. She persevered with a group to be able to attend a semester at George Washington University to study journalism.

Education and Career

Carley graduated with a Bachelor in Arts degree and a major in Broadcast Journalism. Carley’s sister Margot chose to become an artist and a teacher. Carley is the daughter of Edward Shimkus (aged 74) and Zulma Shimkus (aged 67). She stated that they met in 1982 on an airplane, her mother being a United Airlines flight attendant and her father being a passenger.


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