Leigh-Allyn Baker

American actress Leigh-Allyn Baker was born March 13, 1972. Charmed, Ellen and Will & Grace featured her in recurring roles. She also starred as Amy Duncan, the matriarch of the family, on Disney Channel’s sitcom Good Luck Charlie. She was also the voice of Abby in the Nickelodeon animated series Back at the Barnyard.


Baker has voiced video games for Star Trek and X-Men, and guest starred on television shows like That ’70s show, Early Edition, Yes, Dear, and Yes, Dear, among others. She was also an actor in the 1996 sitcom The Last Frontier, and she voiced Lu Zhi for Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer in 2010.

Television audiences are also familiar with Baker’s roles as Hannah Webster on Charmed, and Ellen (the long-time friend Grace Adler) on Will & Grace. Baker played these roles since 1998, when the show was first broadcast. She returned to the role in 2018 for the revival. Her voice acting credits include the voice of Abby on Nickelodeon’s animated series Back at the Barnyard.

Baker was a morning host on Hannah Montana’s late 2008 episodes. On the Disney Channel’s original sitcom Good Luck Charlie (2010-2014), she starred as Amy Duncan. She is the Matriarch of the Duncan Family.

Baker, together with Mia Talerico, made an appearance on So Random, a sketch comedy show.

She starred in Bad Hair Day (2015), a Disney Channel Original Movie that she also produced. She plays Liz Morgan, a “down-on-her luck” cop who teams up with Laura Marano, a high school senior to get a valuable necklace. Baker stated that she wanted to executive-produce because she wanted to experience what it’s like to build and fulfill an idea from the ground up. This was the first Disney Channel movie with an adult lead and that I wanted that role to be protected. I also wanted the movie to reflect my creativity. Because it appeals to her family unit, she also enjoyed that she was able to work on the Disney movie. She starred in Wish for Christmas, a faith-based Christmas movie, in 2016.

Personal life

Baker is married Keith James Kauffman, an entertainment executive. They have two sons. Dyspraxia has been diagnosed in the elder son.

Baker spoke out against a Williamson County Board of Education decision to create a temporary, one-month county-wide mask requirement for elementary school students on August 12, 2021. Baker supported her opposition by saying that her sons, both boys, were medically exempted from COVID-19 vaccines because of past injuries. Their brains need oxygen for growth and she believes that the mandate is unconstitutional.

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