Alissa White-Gluz

Alissa Whitegluz was born 31 July 1985. She is a Canadian singer. Her vocal style is a mix of growling and singing. She is mainly associated with melodic metalcore and melodic death metal. However, she has also performed live with Nightwish, Tarja Turunen, and as a guest singer for symphonic and power metal bands.

Early life

White-Gluz, the second of her three children, was born in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Her grandparents were held in concentration camps during World War II, but she managed to escape. The camp experiences would inspire Arch Enemy’s song “First Day in Hell”. She is Jasamine Whitegluz’s younger sister and leads No Joy, a Montreal-based shoegaze group.


White-Gluz, along with Danny Marino, Chris Kells, formed the Agonist, also known as “Tempest” in 2004. She released three albums as their lead singer. After being offered the role of vocalist for Arch Enemy, White-Gluz decided to leave the Agonist in spring 2014.

White-Gluz detailed her circumstances and called it the “biggest loss” of her life. Later, The Agonist released a public statement discrediting White-Gluz’s account. They cited unprofessional behavior and lack of respect for fans as reasons for her departure.

White-Gluz will be appearing as Pretty Lavinia in the visual companion content to American Murder Song.

White-Gluz was not only a musician, but she also voiced the Swarm Hunters on Gears 5.

Personal life

White-Gluz is in a relationship since 2014 with Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, the guitarist of American horror rock band Misfits.

She was raised in a vegetarian family and is a vegan now since 1998. She lives a simple lifestyle.

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