Allegra Versace

Childhood and Early Life

Allegra Versace was the daughter of Donatella Versace, a fashion designer mother, and Paul Beck, an American fashion model husband. Her mother was the sister Gianni Versace, founder of the Versace Empire. They had been close friends and Gianni launched a perfume named “Blonde” in his honor.

Allegra was Donatella’s oldest child and Paul’s youngest. She grew up in Milan, once the fashion capital of the globe, with a younger brother. Allegra grew up in one of the most wealthy families in Italy. Allegra was raised by a fashion designer mother and was always taken to fashion shows as a child. When she was two days old, Allegra had already appeared in a fashion show.

She was not attracted to the fashion industry as a child. She was just nine years old when she began taking Salsa dancing lessons.

Life & Career

Allegra was diagnosed with anorexia, an eating disorder that caused her to struggle to lose weight throughout her entire life. This was also one reason she lost interest in fashion because she hated the camera. In 2007, Allegra’s family released a statement stating that Allegra had a dangerous eating disorder. They also stated that Allegra was receiving the best treatment to fight it.

Gianni Versace had many gay relationships during his long and successful career. One of his ex-girlfriends even shot him in 1997. It was a tragic event for the family as Gianni passed away on the spot. Allegra was eleven years old at the time and was the one who suffered the most. Her mother told Allegra that she wanted to witness the event, and that guilt led to her developing an eating disorder that would continue to plague her throughout her adult life.

She was also dealing with problems from her mother. Donatella was headed towards a bitter divorce from Paul, and she was heavily dependent on cocaine and alcohol. The company was also in danger of financial collapse after Gianni’s death.

Allegra was Gianni’s favorite niece. He made it clear in his will that Allegra would receive 50 percent of his empire once she turned 18. Rest 30 percent and 20% were to be divided between Santo Versace and Donatella Versace, respectively. Allegra was 18 when she became the owner and heir to hundreds of millions of dollars. She was initially uninterested in fashion and decided to continue her education.

Personal Life

Allegra Versace remains anonymous and away form the paparazzi and cameras. To honor her uncle, she stated that she has worked tirelessly in fashion. She assisted a non-Italian fashion design in advertising and setting up his own fashion show.

She is not featured in the drama, “The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”, which centers on Gianni’s murder. Her character was removed after she demanded it.

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