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Blaze Media owns and distributes Allie Beth Stuckey’s podcast Relatable With Allie Beth Stuckey. She is a frequent guest on Fox News. In support of Trump’s anti-abortion policies, Stuckey testified before Congress on November 2019.


Stuckey was a social media strategist and publicist in Athens, Georgia. She began speaking to college students in Georgia about the importance and benefits of voting while working as a publicist. In 2016, she started a blog on a Facebook group called The Conservative Millennial. She joined TheBlaze in 2017 as a contributor. She began appearing on Fox News and Fox Business News as a guest while speaking on college campuses, Republican organizations, as well as businesses, about the importance engaging young people. She left The Blaze in late 2017 to launch a podcast by Conservative Review TV (CRTV).

Stuckey launched Relativity in March 2018, with CRTV. BlazeTV now distributes Relatable after CRTV and TheBlaze merged in 2019.

Stuckey posted a July 2018 video on her CRTV facebook page. It featured a satirical interview of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, in which she gave bizarre answers to questions Stuckey asked. The edited footage was taken from an Ocasio Cortez interview on Firing Line. Stuckey then inserted Ocasio Cortez’s responses as answers to Stuckey’s questions. Many people branded the video a hoax after it went viral. Stuckey replied to the backlash on Twitter by writing: “If you have the time to research how a video that is blatantly absurd can be satirical you shouldn’t put it on the Internet.” Stuckey stated that she was shocked by the reaction to the video and that “a lot of people on left just can’t tolerate someone making a joke because the only humor that is protected now is humor that is against conservatives, or against President Trump.”

Stuckey was a speaker at the inaugural Youth Summit hosted by Congressman Dan Crenshaw in Houston, September 2019.

Stuckey was an expert witness in the House of Representatives’ hearing entitled “Examining state efforts to undermine access to reproductive care” which was held by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform on November 14, 2019. This hearing dealt with the question of Missouri abortion. Stuckey was the only witness who testified for the Republicans.

Stuckey hosts the podcast Relative with Allie Beth Stuckey.

Penguin Books published Stuckey’s first book, “You’re Not Enough (And that’s Okay)” in 2020 under ISBN 0593083857.

Personal life

Stuckey is a Christian. She married Timothy Stuckey on September 6, 2015 in Athens Georgia. They have two children.

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