American actress Allison Christin Mack was born July 29, 1982. She was the character of Chloe Sullivan in the series Smallville (2001-2011), and a recurring part on the comedy series Wilfred (2012)-2014.

Mack was a member NXIVM, which is a cult that also operates a multi-level marketing firm selling personal and professional development seminars. Mack was charged with sextrafficking, sex conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy in connection to her NXIVM, DOS activities. Mack pleaded guilty in 2018 to racketeering, racketeering conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy related to her NXIVM and DOS activities. She was sentenced in 2021 to three years imprisonment.

Early life

Mack was born in Preetz, West Germany on July 29, 1982 to American parents Jonathan Mack (an opera singer) and Mindy Mack (a teacher and bookkeeper). Because Jonathan was performing in Germany at the time, Mack’s parents were there. They lived in Germany for two more years before moving to California.

Early work

Mack’s first job was as a model for a German chocolate manufacturer in a series ad and commercials. Mack studied modeling at the Young Actors Space Los Angeles when she was seven years old.

Mack was first seen on television in a WB episode called 7th Heaven. She played a teenage girl who had cut her hair. She starred in Opposite Sex, a short-lived television series that aired in 2000. She has starred in My Horrible Year! This is Eric Stoltz’s directorial debut. It features a young girl who has been through a lot in her life. She also appeared in Camp Nowhere as well as in Disney’s Honey, We Shrunk ourselves.

Mack started starring in October 2001 as Chloe Sullivan, an original character created specifically for the show. She is Clark Kent’s best friend on Smallville. Mack won numerous awards and nominations for her role as Chloe. She was nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Best Sidekick (2006) and 2007. Mack was a regular series cast member for nine seasons, and she returned to the series as an occasional main cast member in the tenth series finale. Mack was a regular on Smallville: Chloe Chronicles from 2003 to 2006. She also appeared in Smallville: Vengeance Chronicles. Mack directed the episode 8 of Smallville’s season 8 “Power” in 2008.

Mack was cast as a recurring character in the second season on FX’s sitcom Wilfred in March 2012. Mack played Amanda, Elijah Wood’s love interest. Mack was back with Wilfred for the final episode of season 4.wing. She tweeted on March 21st 2015 that she would be appearing as Julia in American Odyssey. Julia is the daughter of Anna Friel, and she befriends Suzanne. Odelle Ballard.

Personal life

Mack was in a long-lasting relationship with Chad Krowchuk, an actor during the 2000s. In 2013, Mack was engaged to Sam Witwer, a fellow Smallville actor. However, the engagement ended one year later. Mack married Nicki Clyne (Canadian actress, NXIVM member) in February 2017. Mack married Nicki Clyne, a Canadian actress and NXIVM member in February 2017. The marriage was said to be a scam to get Clyne to comply with US immigration laws. It only became public one year later as part of legal proceedings regarding conspiracy and racketeering allegations against Mack. Mack filed for divorce form Clyne in December 2020.

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