Allison Raskin

Allison Beth Raskin was born June 20, 1989. She is an American comedian, writer, director, comedian and YouTuber. Prior to joining BuzzFeed Video as a writer, she left with her friend Gaby Dunn in 2015 to work on their comedy YouTube channel “Just Between Us.”

Raskin has previously written for Elle and NBC News Think. She and Dunn published a joint novel entitled I Hate Everybody but You on September 5, 2017. It reached the top ten of The New York Times bestsellers list.

Education and early life

Raskin was born in Manhattan, New York on June 20, 1989 to a Jewish family. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She began a Pepperdine University clinical psychology program in 2020 with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy.

Raskin is open about her mental health struggles. At the age of four, she was diagnosed as having obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). She continued to suffer from anxiety and depression. After taking medication up to the age of 21, she took a seven year break that included therapy. She stopped taking medication at 28 and was confronted with backlash over weight gain.


Raskin was a BuzzFeed writer where she was featured in many videos both by herself and together with Dunn. She and Dunn left BuzzFeed in 2015 to join the JBU YouTube channel. They also cited the problems they had working with Buzzfeed who wanted to keep their JBU time limited. It was their most difficult decision.

In 2014, Raskin and Dunn created the YouTube channel “Just Between Us”. They are a self-described odd couple. They play their own sketches and talk about topics like mental health, friendships and relationships on their YouTube channel, “Just Between Us.” In March 2019, they started the podcast with the same name, where guests answer questions and discuss topics. The podcast also includes the section “Hypotheticals,” where Raskin and guests ask Dunn questions like “Would this cheater let you stay?”

Raskin, with the help of Stitcher created Gossip. This 12-episode scripted podcast chronicles three female friends who meet weekly to share gossip about their suburban town. The podcast ran from June 2018 through August 2018.

Raskin’s first novel, I Hate Everyone But You (co-written by Gaby Dunn), was published September 5, 2017. Please Send Help was published on July 16, 2019.

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