Privacy Policy

As for our title, you might get excited about the article, and this may happen because privacy policy is the thing that many of you present here want to know. So, we will not be just talking about privacy policy but also about how people take up information from the smallest basis of your information, so, in this article here we will basically be focussing on where people get the information about you and how this happens. When you complete reading the article you will be shocked because the sources from where your information is collected are the ones that you can never expect anyone can target.

Through the comments

It might look like a joke but the comments that you give in any website or other place are taken as the main source from where they collect your information. In simple words, it can be said that when some or many of the visitors leave their comments on the site people collect the data that is shown in the form of comments. Not only this information they also collect the IP address of the visitor who has commented, and also the browser user agent string, you might wonder why this for, but collecting this all information’s has a lot of help with the spam detection.

There is an anonymized string or a hash that is made out of or created from the e-mail address, after all of this is done this string is sent to the gravatar, and this is only done to ensure whether you are still using the email address or not. In case your comment is not approved then it’s no use for them but if it is, then your profile picture that you have inserted will be open for all or can also be viewed by the public. This will be done in the context of your comment. So, this all how they do stuff through the help of comments now let’s know about the same things but with a different source and that is media. Let’s start now.

The use of media in the process

Many of you might upload images in websites right, but if you do that then better make sure there is no embedded location data when you upload the images if you can find something like the embedded location data, then better try to do the work without it or stop the work. And this is because any of the other visitors of the website other than you can get information or extract it from images that you upload, so it’s always better to keep away from doing such things.

Forms of contact

When you comment on any website then you probably store information or save information in cookies. And as you know these stuff-like cookies are for your convenience so that you have no need to enter out the whole data when you comment again. One such cookie can last you up to 1 year. And now we are done with the article and hope it has helped you.